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Fun exploration game! I'm not sure if I was doing well or not but I really enjoyed exploring to these fantastic beats!


Thanks for Playing Skeffles! :D Glad you enjoyed the fantastic beats B)


This is sick! Love everything about it😁

Thank you so much! ;-;

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There's nothing I don't love about this game, Epic music, Awesome Art and solid game play. maybe there is one thing I don't love, those Pink slimes are a nightmare. great job

Thank you so much for the lovely feedback Tauheed! Those slimes were a bit of a menace πŸ˜…


I really enjoyed this game! Super relaxing to hop around and listen to the music adding up bit by bit. I'd love to see it turned into a full game one day!

Thank you for the kind words! :D It's really nice to see people enjoy the game!


Really neat! Love seeing a rhythm game. I even found myself walking around just to hear the beat πŸ˜„

The only thing I was mildly confused about is where the player's health is displayed and how/when it regens.

Overall great beat, and great particles!


Ahh! So glad you enjoyed it! The music really is quite lovely I must say! (And I'm not biased just because I worked on the game)

The health was something we debated about, it actually correlates to your your combo in the corner as if that gets too low you die but this could be something we look at post jam!

Thanks for playing and for the lovely feedback!